The Jogger Pant

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The Jogger Pant is spreading all over the market for both men and women. You can walk into any store and they will be displayed in every corner.

What is The Jogger Pant? It is quickly becoming a new category in the fashion industry being described as “casual-contemporary”. These days, for both men and women, it’s all about the tailorness of the pant. The Jogger has a tapered, slim fitting leg, and a casual feel because of the cinched cuffs at the ankles. They aren’t necessarily sweatpants, but they also aren’t a pair of jeans or chinos. This new pant trend provides another option in our closets and is quickly becoming a staple item!

MEN: With the limited silhouettes that are offered to men, The Jogger Pant (Zara) provides another option as something that can be worn as an everyday, casual item, and not just something that’s fashion forward. The result is a dapper pair of pants that are universal in how they can be worn. They are perfect for showing off your awesome sneakers (Steve Madden) while lounging around on the weekends, or, the big trend now for men, is to wear them with dress loafers (Aldo) and a slim fit blazer (Zara) for easy sophistication!

WOMEN: We are the lucky ones when it comes to fashion with endless silhouettes to choose from and to get creative with! I love taking an item and pushing the limits of it. That’s why I thought it would be brilliant to dress my Jogger’s (Cotton On) up with a pair of high heels (Steve Madden) and a tailored crop blazer (Zara)! Easy sophistication… and comfort!

The Jogger Pant offers a new category in fashion for both men and women and because it is universal – it can be worn dressed up or dressed down – this pant is a winner for everyone and is a trend that is going to last for a very long time! So go get yourself a pair and style them… well… anyway you want!

A big thank you to my boyfriend, Marc, for being my “man” model.

I’m excited to announce, that for my next fashion post, I will be dedicating the entire post to Virgin Saints and Angels amazing jewelry line! Below I am wearing a piece from their San Benito collection! Stay tuned to see this featured post!


Photos by Marc Josef Rosario Cabanig