About Me


My name is Kacey Lynn and my blog, Style Like Kacey, has been inspired by a series of events in my life that have enabled me to grow into the confident and happy woman I am today. I was born and raised on Cape Cod, but lived most of my adult life in Florida where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design. I’ve traveled the world extensively and even lived in Buenos Aires for a year, where I immersed myself in a new culture, learned to speak Castellano, and completed an internship for a local fashion designer, called Erre. Since then, I migrated to Los Angeles where I now live and work in fashion design.

I started this blog with no other will than to delight in and share a passion, and to connect with people who share the same interests. My partner in crime, Marc, conspires with me in my passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and he is also the photographer for this blog. Without the constant encouragement and support from Marc and my family, this creative outlet would be nothing but my musings.

My fashion industry experience paired with my desire to create has empowered me to design a bikini line called, KaceyKini. My vision is to create extraordinary prints fused with sexy bikini designs, and I believe it will be a great success.

This blog is dedicated to all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.